Johnson County KS collaborative divorce


Collaborative Divorce FAQs

February 21, 2024

Collaborative Divorce is still a newer divorce option in the divorce market, and many clients wonder how they will develop win-win solutions for their divorce with the help of a collaborative attorney. We’ll cover Frequently Asked Questions in this week’s blog. 1.   Why Should I Hire a Collaborative Divorce Attorney? A Collaborative Divorce attorney has…

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Collaborative Divorce: Create a Lasting Divorce Settlement Without Court Intervention

January 17, 2024

Collaborative Divorce is for couples who want to work together to create the best possible outcome for both parties and want to stay out of court.  This option is for couples who want to keep their financial information private and confidential. Elizabeth Hill of the Hill Law Firm, P.C. is trained in the collaborative process…

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Explore Collaborative Divorce For A Different Option

December 20, 2023

Collaborative Divorce may be worth considering if you think there must be a better way than traditional divorce. Divorce doesn’t have to be messy and hostile – and we’ll explore how collaborative divorce differs in this week’s blog.    A collaborative divorce is an alternative to traditional divorce offered by The Hill Law Firm, P.C. …

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Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

November 15, 2023

Collaborative Divorce offers many benefits for divorcing couples. Most commonly, those benefits are seen in reduced stress from and reduced time in completing the divorce process, and cost savings over a traditional litigating divorce.    In Collaborative Divorce, each spouse retains their own attorney, and a divorce coach and financial neutral are also present during…

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How Collaborative Divorce May Be the Divorce Process Solution for You

October 18, 2023

Collaborative Divorce, offered by The Hill Law Firm in Overland Park, KS, may be the best divorce process solution for you. Whereas a traditional divorce is often adversarial and overwhelming and comes with the cost of two litigation attorneys, a collaborative divorce offers a more supportive path to ending a marriage and creating a new…

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How Does Collaborative Divorce Work?

September 20, 2023

Choosing Collaborative Divorce does not automatically mean your relationship problems are solved. No matter how you came to the decision to end your marriage, if you and your spouse are able to act as partners throughout the divorce process, you can avoid some of the stress associated with having your divorce outcome determined by a…

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A Collaborative Divorce is Completely Different from a Traditional Divorce

August 16, 2023

A collaborative divorce is an alternative to traditional divorce in Overland Park and Johnson County, Kansas, and is an option worth considering for couples interested in something different than the traditional divorce experience. Collaborative Divorce allows spouses to stop viewing each other as adversaries to decrease conflict and preserve the children’s view of the family. Collaborative divorce…

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Collaborative Divorce, A Solution for Those Who Want To Divorce Differently?

July 19, 2023

Collaborative Divorce in Overland Park and Johnson County is an excellent option to consider for those couples who may want to divorce differently and better. Let’s explore collaborative divorce. Unlike traditional divorce which can often feel adversarial when the court determines the outcome, collaborative divorce allows both parties to work together to reach a mutual solution. Both…

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Pros and Cons of Collaborative Divorce

June 21, 2023

Collaborative Divorce pros and cons are important to consider when making a change in your marital status. Working with an experienced family law attorney like Elizabeth Hill at The Hill Law Firm, P.C.,  serving clients in Overland Park and Johnson County Kansas will ensure that your needs and rights are prioritized throughout the process. Pro’s…

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How is a Collaborative Divorce Completely Different from a Traditional Divorce?

May 17, 2023

In a Collaborative Divorce, couples work together throughout the divorce process, agreeing not to go to court, but instead reach mutual agreements through understanding and negotiation. The Hill Law Firm P.C.’s 30-year foundation practicing family law and can help you navigate your divorce options in Overland Park and Johnson County, KS. Before beginning, an  agreement is…

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