How Does Collaborative Divorce Work?

Choosing Collaborative Divorce does not automatically mean your relationship problems are solved. No matter how you came to the decision to end your marriage, if you and your spouse are able to act as partners throughout the divorce process, you can avoid some of the stress associated with having your divorce outcome determined by a judge.

Collaborative divorce is an alternative to traditional divorce, where couples play an active role in their divorce outcome. Elizabeth Hill of The Hill Law Firm, P.C.  in Overland Park serves clients throughout Johnson County, Kansas.

The first step is meeting with an attorney to see if they will be a good fit for your family. Elizabeth offers a virtual 30 minute no-cost consultation to discuss your divorce options, to include mediation, collaborative mediation and collaborative divorce. 

Before beginning the collaborative divorce process, a participation agreement is signed in which each spouse commits to freely and openly disclose needed information and participate in the six-way meetings to achieve a mutual divorce outcome. The six-way meetings include both spouses, two separate collaborative divorce attorneys, a financial advisor, and a divorce coach.

Each six-way meeting aims to create acceptable solutions and resolutions to various aspects of divorce, including the division of assets/debts, a parenting plan for children, and future financial arrangements. The meeting setting is safe, structured, and private. Transparency and integrity are critical components of the process.

The collaborative process relies on the voluntary exchange of information and focuses on problem-solving, not constantly expressing grievances. Any issues raised can be discussed in a timely manner.

For over three decades, The Hill Law Firm, P.C. practice has served Overland Park, Johnson County, Kansas, focusing exclusively on family law. Elizabeth Hill is proud to be an attorney helping families to become empowered decision-makers through the collaborative process. To schedule a consultation or obtain more information about the collaborative process in Overland Park, KS, contact our office by completing the form on the contact page or calling (913) 381-1500.