Getting A Divorce In 2024? Collaborative Divorce Could Be For You.

Collaborative Divorce is an ideal approach for divorce in 2024, especially when both clients are willing to participate in a constructive process and commit to an out-of-court resolution to their divorce. Overland Park and Johnson County, KS clients choose The Hill Law Firm for its 35 years of serving the Kansas City area and expertise in family law.

How Does Collaborative Divorce Work in 2024?

If you are considering divorce, the first step is meeting with an attorney to see if they will fit your family well. Elizabeth Hill offers a virtual 30-minute, no-cost consultation to discuss your divorce options.

Suppose that Collaborative Divorce is the right choice for your situation. In that case, Elizabeth offers in-person, telephone, and virtual consultations, mediation, collaborative meetings, and client sessions to proceed most conveniently for your family. The entire process is confidential, and the proceedings stay out of the court record. Each spouse will select collaborative divorce attorney from the Collaborative Practice Kansas City professional group, who will also work with a financial neutral and divorce coach to create a team to guide you and your spouse through the divorce process.

An emphasis on goal-setting, information gathering, and resolution possibilities will lead to six-way sessions with both spouses, attorneys, financial neutral, and the divorce coach. The collaborative divorce team will coordinate the sessions around your work schedule and ensure equitable distribution of assets and debts, there is a parenting plan for your children and support or a written plan for how to share the expenses for the children.

If you want to retain control of your divorce process and outcome while still maintaining a confidential attorney relationship, a collaborative divorce is the best choice for you. The time, stress, and money saved through choosing this option will pay dividends in your family’s future for years.

To schedule a consultation with Elizabeth Hill or obtain more information about divorce options in Overland Park, KS, such as mediation, collaborative mediation, or collaborative divorce, you may contact her Johnson County, KS office by completing the form on the contact page or by calling 913-381-1500.