Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce offers many benefits for divorcing couples. Most commonly, those benefits are seen in reduced stress from and reduced time in completing the divorce process, and cost savings over a traditional litigating divorce. 
In Collaborative Divorce, each spouse retains their own attorney, and a divorce coach and financial neutral are also present during the settlement discussions. Both parties have agreed that litigation is off the table and will work transparently and respectfully toward an acceptable resolution.
Elizabeth Hill is well-versed in assisting families through the divorce process. She advocates for the collaborative process and believes it upholds family integrity, especially when children are involved, better than traditional divorce. 
The Collaborative Process is a private and confidential process, unlike traditional divorce taking place in public court. If you are looking to divorce in a respectful or amicable way, let’s explore the collaborative process a bit more. You and your divorcing spouse control the outcome — this means the results are longer lasting and are better for your family because no one knows your situation like you. 
Ph. D. Ann Gold Buscho in Psychology Today shares the history of Collaborative Divorce,
“In 1990, a family law attorney in Minneapolis was so burned out on escalating, high-conflict divorces in court that he was ready to give up his career. Instead, he came up with the radical idea of inviting the opposing lawyer to work with him to resolve the adversarial issues. They were successful, the idea spread, and today, Stu Webb is considered the founding father of collaborative divorce. This out-of-court process is now available across the nation and in about 25 countries around the world.”
Choosing The Hill Law Firm, P.C.
Before deciding how you will divorce, we recommend talking with our experienced attorney and mediator,  Elizabeth Hill. She will listen to you, review your goals and assets, review your unique family needs, and counsel you on the best course of action. 
If you are in Johnson County or Overland Park, KS, and believe collaborative divorce is the right solution for you, please contact  The Hill Law Firm, P.C. today to schedule a consultation, or feel free to call at  (913) 381-1500 with any of your questions regarding the collaborative process.