How Collaborative Divorce May Be the Divorce Process Solution for You

Collaborative Divorce, offered by The Hill Law Firm in Overland Park, KS, may be the best divorce process solution for you. Whereas a traditional divorce is often adversarial and overwhelming and comes with the cost of two litigation attorneys, a collaborative divorce offers a more supportive path to ending a marriage and creating a new path for your family moving forward.

The Hill Law Firm, P.C. practice offers several non-adversarial  divorce options such as collaborative mediation, mediation, and collaborative divorce legal services in Overland Park, Kansas, and Kansas City, Missouri, serving the Northland counties of Clay, Platte and Jackson County, Missouri. County, Kansas.

During a collaborative divorce, both spouses, with the support of two collaborative divorce attorneys, a divorce coach, and a financial neutral, take the time necessary to address their case’s unique issues and create a lasting divorce settlement without court intervention. During these six-way meetings, the spouses and the professionals talk through the specific issues and decisions of the divorce. Full details about our process are found here.

With Elizabeth Hill,  you can rest assured you are in capable, caring hands. For the past 35  years, she has practiced family law. Her experience litigating high-conflict family law cases exposed her to the adversarial nature of traditional divorce. Those methods were expensive and overwhelming, especially when families were already hurting. Trained as a collaborative family law attorney, she utilizes alternate dispute resolution methods such as collaborative law and divorce, which fosters cooperation between the divorcing spouses, ensuring a better outcome by giving them control over the decision-making process to the parties.

Elizabeth Hill is proud to be an attorney helping families to become empowered decision-makers through the collaborative divorce process. To schedule a consultation or obtain more information about the collaborative process in Overland Park, KS, contact our office by completing the form on the contact page or calling (913) 381-1500.