Divorce Mediation Allows You and Your Spouse to Determine the Outcome of Your Divorce Rather Than the Courts

Divorce mediation is sought by spouses who want to have a say in their divorce outcome. They want to divorce by agreement and without the stress, drama, and expense of going to court. If they are parents, my clients want to give their child(ren) a peaceful childhood with minimal conflict.

Divorce mediation, facilitated by Elizabeth Hill of The Hill Law Firm, P.C.  in Overland Park, KS, helps clients throughout the Johnson County area determine the outcome of their divorce rather than going to court.

When engaging with Elizabeth Hill, as your divorce mediator, she will:  

  • Discuss the specific issues pertaining to your family.
  • Help you and your spouse calmly decide outcomes for divorce topics.
  • Talk in an open and impartial manner.
  • Support cooperation, compassion, and even friendship between divorcing spouses.
  • Help you and your spouse talk more peacefully and effectively as you divorce.
  • Create solutions for the division of marital assets and property (cars, houses, investments, and retirement) and determine the allocation of debt.
  • Devise a parenting and child support plan.
  • Identify maintenance or spousal support needs.

If you are interested in working with a law firm committed to helping couples reach out-of-court divorce agreements, The Hill Law Firm, P.C.  in Overland Park is available for consultations regarding divorce mediation. You can schedule it here.

Mediation allows for creative solutions and provides certainty and finality while meeting your family’s particular needs.

The advantages of mediation:

  • No court battles
  • More control over the negotiation process
  • More responsive and accommodating to the uniqueness of your family
  • Time to be creative
  • Cost effective


To schedule a consultation or obtain more information about your divorce options, such as divorce mediation or collaborative divorce, you may contact Elizabeth Hill in Overland Park, KS, by completing the form on the contact page or by calling 913-381-1500.