Divorce Mediation Generates Options Tailored To Families

Divorce mediation helps people deal with a variety of divorce-related problems with the assistance of a neutral third-party. The primary goal of family mediation is not to bring children into the middle of the chaos of a divorce. Rather, it is meant to ensure that their voice is heard and that they are advocated for. Attorney mediators use different methods to ensure that parents are aware of how their decisions will impact their children, and help the family find balance following divorce.

As a popular form of alternative dispute resolution, child-focused family mediation is often used as a substitute for going to court to settle a divorce case or as a supplement to that process. It can be an excellent way for families facing the changes that occur with divorce to find solutions that work for everyone involved. Unlike a traditional divorce that takes place in a public courtroom, divorce mediation does not mean the mediator makes decisions. Rather, their role is to assist the parties in coming to resolutions that work for both spouses in matters that affect their families. 

Family-oriented mediation helps people who want to resolve issues regarding such things as parenting time, child support, alimony, division of assets, and other matters that are impacted by their divorce. The attorney mediator and both parents usually meet as a group during joint sessions. Divorce mediation is more cost-effective than litigation because there is only one attorney mediator to provide services, as opposed to both parties hiring lawyers and paying all the other related fees individually. In addition, mediation often takes less time than a traditional divorce.

The focus of family divorce mediation is on reaching an agreement by open communication between the parties and working together. The parties are able to select meeting dates that work with their schedules. Plus, the meetings are more flexible than a formal trial, allowing the parties to communicate openly to craft agreements that work for their family. Thus, mediation can often be completed within just a few sessions, taking much less time than a traditional trial.

Most importantly, divorce mediation gives the control to the parents and not a judge. Family oriented mediation allows the parties to find unique solutions to the specific issues their family is facing. The attorney mediator will discuss their options with them and encourage cooperation and openness throughout the mediation process. Overall, this can lead to more interactive co-parenting as parents find ways to help their children move forward in a healthier, more satisfactory way.

Family mediation can cost less, is more flexible, and it sets a positive tone for how you communicate, which is important for your children. If you’re considering divorce mediation as an alternative to litigation, contact The Hill Law Firm PC to schedule a consultation or to obtain more information about family divorce mediation, collaborative mediation or collaborative divorce.

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