Collaborative Divorce Benefits Families in Kansas City

A collaborative divorce is often the best option for families going through a marriage breakup. Hiring an attorney who is trained in collaborative divorce can help as the parties navigate the process. A collaborative divorce attorney is a specially trained divorce attorney who helps guide discussions and develops creative solutions between you and your spouse. The collaborative divorce attorney prepares and files all of the required legal paperwork with the court, including the final settlement agreement. 

Many people may think the only choice for getting divorced in Kansas City is to follow the traditional route with both parties hiring a lawyer and letting the courts decide the final outcome. However, while you will both need to hire a lawyer, there are significant differences in the process.


There are numerous benefits of collaborative divorce that traditional divorce doesn’t offer, for instance:

  • You control the pace of the divorce process;
  • You will have legal, financial, and emotional support;
  • Reduces stress and animosity common to traditional divorce;
  • Improves communication between you and your spouse;
  • You retain control of decisions regarding your family and your divorce;
  • Helps establish a healthy co-parenting relationship between spouse post-divorce;
  • Focuses on creating solutions that will work for all parties after the divorce;
  • Protects your privacy, unlike a public court procedure;
  • Avoids future court actions;
  • Dissolves marriage in a more civil, respectful and thoughtful way.

With collaborative divorce, rather than rely on a judge to make the important decisions regarding the division of your assets and liabilities and matters involving your children, such as child custody, parenting time schedules, financial support and more, you and your spouse work together to come to an amicable agreement that you both can live with going forward. You will avoid a high-stress, public divorce and have control over all the issues.

The goal of a collaborative divorce is to provide a safe, non-adversarial environment where spouses can communicate in a positive and respectful manner to find solutions that meet their family’s needs. It is a far more effective way to help both spouses move forward, especially when you have children. Further, collaborative divorce is less time consuming and is often a less expensive process.

If you would like to learn more about collaborative divorce and whether or not is it the right choice for you and your family contact The Hill Law Firm, PC. We provide collaborative divorce and mediation services throughout the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan Area in both  Kansas and Missouri.

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