Divorce Mediation Options In Overland Park KS and North Kansas City MO

Divorce mediation is often a better solution for dissolving a marriage, with the goal of helping people reach a mutual agreement out of court and avoid financial ruin in the process. Mediation takes less time than a litigated divorce and is less expensive than litigation. Both parties must agree to participate wholeheartedly in divorce mediation, and be willing to communicate with respect and honesty. Understanding the goals and interests of each party can go a long way in reaching an agreement.

Once the decision has been made to go forward with divorce mediation, the attorney divorce mediator will help you prepare for the process. Because mediation is a transparent process, you and your spouse will be expected to engage in a good faith negotiation. That means you’ll need to reveal and openly disclose all relevant information, whether financial or otherwise, to the attorney divorce mediator and to your spouse. You will be asked to provide documentation for marital assets and possessions, including all real property, personal property, vehicles and financial records.  You will be asked to create a list of all of your recurring expenses such as mortgage payments, car loans, insurance premiums, utilities, credit card payments and student loans.  It is important to make sure the information you provide is accurate, complete and truthful to the best of your knowledge.

Throughout the divorce mediation, your divorce attorney mediator will guide your discussion as you work towards a fair and equitable distribution of your assets and liabilities. The information you and your spouse provide will be used to assess the issues on which you and your spouse agree or disagree, and the divorce attorney mediator will share legal information, but cannot provide legal advice.  If you have children,  during mediation you will develop a parenting plan outlining time-sharing between you and payment of expenses on behalf of the children either through child support or a direct sharing of the expense plan.  Both options will be discussed in depth during your mediation session.

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Divorce mediation in Overland Park KS and North Kansas City will be able to help you both find a way to co-parent that is in your children’s best interests. With the divorce attorney mediator’s help, you and your spouse will be able to discuss and evaluate your options. Sometimes it may be necessary to compromise, and divorce mediation addresses each person’s most important needs and interests to reach an agreement that is best for your family.

Divorce Mediation is Safe and Non-binding

The agreements you reach are not final until you have both had the opportunity to consult with a lawyer, if you choose, and have signed a final, binding settlement agreement. After that, your divorce attorney mediator will file your pleadings with the court as part of the now-uncontested divorce case.  Whether or not a formal hearing will be required is determined by the county and state where your divorce is filed.

Divorce mediation can achieve more acceptable results for everyone concerned and is an affordable alternative to litigating in the traditional way – with a judge making the final decisions. At The Hill Law Firm, P.C., you can experience a peaceful, cost-effective divorce mediation process resulting in a fair and thorough settlement agreement and creative parenting plan for your children.

If divorce mediation seems like the best solution for you and your family, please contact my office to schedule a consultation. My services are available in Overland Park KS and North Kansas City.

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