Advantages Of Mediation For Divorcing Couples With Children

Mediation is helpful when you’re seeking a divorce and you and your spouse cannot reach a settlement agreement. It allows a neutral third-party to support a discussion of issues like the sharing of parenting time and child support. The role of the mediator is to support better communication, focus on productive, solution-oriented results, and guide you toward an agreement that works best for your family as a whole. The mediator is not a judge and has no legal authority to decide the terms of your divorce. Following are some advantages of hiring a mediator over litigating in court.

  • Saves You Money – Divorce can be complicated, and even more so when it involves children. A mediator can suggest ways to help you resolve your issues without lengthy arguments in court. Everything will be less stressful and will save you money for attorney’s fees and the fees for court hearings.
  • Avoids Conflict – Child custody and the sharing of parenting time can be the most difficult part of a divorce. Many times there are feelings of anger and resentment, but maintaining a respectful demeanor and civil relationship benefits your children. Mediation enables you both to communicate in a cohesive, mutually beneficial way, without arguing and casting blame. 
  • Takes Less Time – With mediation, there is no time limit for reaching a settlement, nor is there a minimum or maximum number of times you can meet. Traditional divorce averages 12 to 18 months to resolve. Mediation divorce can be finalized in as little as three months. Most couples can resolve mediation after just a few meetings.
  • Strictly Voluntary – As a method of alternative dispute resolution, mediation is voluntary and will only work if both spouses are willing. The court won’t force mediation if either you or your spouse disagrees and wants to pursue litigation in court.
  • Full Control – You and your spouse have control of the outcome, not a lawyer, and not a judge. You each will have the opportunity to explain what you want in regard to custody and the sharing of parenting time with your children, payment of child support and other issues.

Mediation Is Legal and Binding
Once an agreement is reached and signed it is just as binding as if it had been decided by a judge. If either of you fails to fulfill the terms of the agreement there are legal consequences and actions the other can take to enforce the agreement. As your Mediator, Elizabeth Hill can help you and your spouse reach an agreement that you can accept and embrace as your own. Her goal is to understand both of you and help you understand each other and your goals for yourself and your children.

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