Mediation Is The Best Option For A Mutually Equitable Divorce Agreement

Mediation in a divorce is about working out disputes and arriving at the best possible solutions for child support, visitation and other related matters. In mediation, a divorcing couple meets with a neutral third party to resolve their disputed issues as amicably as possible. Mediators are often lawyers who specialize in family law and are specially trained as mediators. Depending on the circumstances, mediators may be court appointed or hired privately.

The process of mediation is a cost-effective way to fairly divide assets and liabilities, determine child support and maintenance, and work out custody agreements and parenting time schedules. In addition, the mediator can help couples determine who claims the children as dependents on taxes, which parent will provide the health insurance for the children post-divorce,  and how to set up and manage college fund accounts for children after high school graduation.

Negotiating a divorce can take a lot of time and effort, and sometimes it can be difficult to reach a mutual agreement. When this happens, mediation becomes a viable option. A mediator helps to keep the lines of communication open between the divorcing couple. Working as a team, they share ideas to come up with the best agreement for both parents and children.

Mediations can be conducted every week or every month, or as often as you and your spouse want them. Mediation sessions are confidential between you and your spouse. With the mediator’s guidance, you and your spouse can decide everything related to your divorce.

The length of time that mediation takes will depend on the issues that you have already agreed to and those issues that still need to be worked out. How long it takes really depends on how well you and your spouse are communicating.  It’s about both you and your spouse’s willingness to put aside your differences and do what’s best for your children. Arguing and inflexibility make the mediation process more difficult and takes much longer. Both you and your spouse need to be open to hearing the goals and interests of the other. If neither of you is willing to budge from your position, mediation is probably not for you.

Going to court is not the best option if you want to retain your privacy. Divorce mediation is confidential and private; a public divorce is open to anybody who wants to sit in. Furthermore, with mediation, you and your spouse are making important decisions together. In divorce court, a judge will decide all the issues and the outcome will be out of your hands.

Elizabeth Hill, of The Hill Law Firm, P.C., is a compassionate mediator who is committed to assisting couples as they work through the decision-making process of divorce. She helps each couple stay focused on the important issues involving their children and avoiding conflict.

When you and your spouse choose mediation, you will work together with Ms. Hill to reach an agreement that you can both live with, and importantly, you avoid litigating in court. As your mediator, Ms. Hill will help you and your spouse learn to communicate openly and honestly, with empathy and respect.

Elizabeth Hill has extensive experience as a divorce mediator, helping many families in the greater Kansas City metropolitan area and the Northland counties of Clay County and Platte County, Missouri. To schedule a consultation to discuss possible mediation of your divorce, contact her online or call 913-381-1500.

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