A Divorce Mediation Attorney Facilitates Out-Of-Court Settlement

A divorce mediation attorney offers an alternative to acrimonious marriage dissolution. Most of us know someone who has gotten a divorce and endured a lot of stress and aggravation that ended in a settlement they aren’t happy with. There are no guarantees for reaching a satisfactory settlement by going to court. Litigation can be avoided by hiring a mediator and is a more satisfactory and affordable approach to divorce.

In addition to the expense of hiring lawyers and incurring court costs, the aftermath of divorce lingers with not only emotional damage but also has practical consequences. Not only is the home broken apart, but financial complications can be significant, and when children are involved, the potential exists for an even more traumatic experience. Fortunately, going through a divorce does not have to be confrontational and antagonistic. A much better alternative is to obtain the services of a divorce mediation attorney.

Choosing mediation is a much more thoughtful and respectful approach that allows you and your spouse to dissolve your marriage and settle your differences in a mutually beneficial way. A divorce mediation attorney can assist you and your spouse in negotiating a final, personalized settlement that you both can live with in the years to come without regret. Some of the many important benefits of hiring a divorce mediation attorney are:

  • Communication: A divorce mediation attorney encourages you and your spouse to talk to one another directly during your mediation sessions to work through your unresolved issues, and avoid the complication of lawyers going back and forth to communicate your concerns.

  • Expense: The mediation process is much less expensive than litigation because you only hire one mediator, eliminating the cost of litigating the high cost of litigation and trial with legal counsel, investigators, expert witness fees and court costs.

  • Settlement: Couples have more control in a mediation. Your divorce mediation attorney will help as you work together to make decisions that affect you and your family. In a courtroom, there is only one option available and that is to accept a judge’s decision.

  • Compliance: By working out your own settlement, you and your spouse are more likely to follow the terms of that agreement, which makes it much easier for you both to have more harmonious lives going forward.

Divorce mediation attorney, Elizabeth Hill, believes that compassion is critical, and that belief guides both her private and professional life. As a mother of five children, families and children are close to her heart, and her compassion and empathy toward helping her clients find workable solutions is her focus in mediating between divorcing couples.

Debbie Pruitt is a Legal Assistant at The Hill Law Firm, P.C., and possesses extensive knowledge of the divorce mediation process. She provides integral support services including scheduling, billing, file maintenance, communicating with clients, and more. As the mother of two, she is committed to making what is often a difficult experience better for clients and their families.

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