Mediation Can Be Less Overwhelming Than Traditional Divorce

Mediation is an alternative to a traditional litigated divorce in Kansas and Missouri in which an attorney-mediator guides an open and informative dialogue between the parties as they work together to resolve their issues. With mediation, the parties are more capable of evaluating the legal, emotional, and practical aspects of their divorce calmly and without conflict.
Generally, separating couples are not prepared for going through a divorce and often their first action is to call a lawyer. A better option is mediation, where the couple can avoid using the legal system and end up in an often lengthy, expensive, and emotionally traumatic court battle. For most people, getting divorced can be a much better experience all-around when they choose divorce mediation.
With mediation, there is a team of experts to offer you support, including a divorce coach and a financial neutral, if you choose.  As a cooperative alternative, if you and your spouse are willing to work together, openly share necessary information and compromise, mediation is less stressful for everyone involved. When you are able to stay calm your contributions to discussions will be more respectful and constructive, with a greater likelihood of reaching a resolution.
During face-to-face meetings, mediation gives both you and your spouse the opportunity to discuss child custody, parenting time, child support, and many other important issues that are tailored to your family.  The mediation process is voluntary and confidential. While there is nothing easy about going through a divorce, mediation can be a much better way to reach an agreement, and is also less expensive than a traditional divorce.
Elizabeth Hill at The Hill Law Firm, P.C.  has over  30-years of experience practicing family law in both Kansas and Missouri in the cities of Overland Park, Kansas, and Kansas City, Missouri, and serving the Northland in Platte and Clay County, Missouri. She is an attorney-mediator who will work closely with you to assist in creating a customized agreement specific to your family circumstances. Once you have reached an agreement on all issues involved in your divorce, she can prepare your formal written agreements to submit to the court to obtain a Decree of Divorce or Judgement of Dissolution of Marriage.
To schedule a consultation or obtain more information about divorce through mediation, please contact her office.

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