Advantages of Divorce Mediation in Kansas and Missouri

Mediation is a process of dissolving a marriage with the assistance of a neutral third-party divorce attorney mediator. Couples are able to resolve issues and negotiate settlement agreements that are mutually satisfactory. In some cases, the process involves other professionals, such as a mental health provider serving as a divorce coach or a  financial neutral, along with the divorce attorney mediator. Some significant advantages of divorce mediation are:

  1. The parties are better able to maintain control of the divorce process and outcome.
  2. It promotes better communications between the divorcing couple.
  3. The parties are able to maintain their privacy outside of the courtroom.
  4. The costs are 40-60% less expensive than a litigated divorce.
  5. It takes less time and is more flexible.
  6. Mediation is child-centered and more peaceful than traditional divorce.
  7. Helps divorcing couples learn how to co-parent with the support and guidance of a divorce coach.
  8. Creates more opportunity for clients to feel that their goals and interests are being met.

Working with a divorce attorney mediator who has specific knowledge of divorce laws, and the expertise to facilitate discussions and make suggestions helps ensure cohesive collaboration between the parties. Mediation helps a couple avoid making decisions based on their emotions and feelings of anger or resentment. Instead, a couple is able to communicate thoughtfully and respectfully while negotiating property division, health insurance, finances and the like.

When the divorce attorney mediator is able to help couples with children learn how to interact and communicate with one another, they are able to resolve their disputes amicably. This is more likely to result in satisfactory, longer-lasting agreements regarding child custody, parenting time, support and other related issues, which is optimal for the welfare of their children and the family.

Getting divorced is almost always a stressful process. It can be difficult to make important decisions when you are experiencing the pain of the loss of the marriage. Mediation allows you to create solutions that meet the unique needs of your family. Through the process, you are able to gain insight and expertise regarding the legal, financial, and practical aspects of getting divorced, while maintaining respectful, collaborative and productive behavior toward your spouse. This is better for everyone concerned going forward. The advantages of mediation will serve and support your family well beyond the completion of the divorce.

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