Divorce Mediation: Top 5 Advantages for Choosing Mediation as Your Divorce Option

Mediation enables divorcing couples to resolve their marital issues out of court during face-to-face meetings. An attorney mediator assists each couple in generating options for resolution.  Going through a major life event such as divorce is a significant and stressful experience for most people and the process can be long, drawn-out, and emotionally devastating for everyone involved.  There are many advantages for choosing mediation as your divorce option.

The top 5 advantages of mediation:
  • Mediation can be one of the most-effective methods of divorce. Rather than paying for separate lawyers, you both will work with one attorney mediator. Mediation can help you get through your divorce in less time, with less stress, less conflict, and at a lower cost than a lawyer-driven divorce. 
  • No public court hearings. Because mediation is a transparent process, you and your spouse will both need to be prepared to engage in good-faith negotiations. You must openly disclose all financial and other relevant information that is accurate, complete, and truthful to the best of your knowledge. If either of you attempts to hide assets or defraud the other, you will not be able to mediate.  Once your case is resolved in most counties in the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan area your final hearing is held virtually to maintain complete privacy.
  • More responsive and accommodating to your family. Mediation enables you to have an amicable divorce. Your attorney mediator will provide you with the information you need in order to make the decisions required.
  • More control over the negotiation process. Divorce mediation is the most flexible of the divorce methods, allowing you to control the pace of your divorce and the terms of your settlement. Because mediation follows the principles of self-determination, couples are in complete control of the decisions made regarding their settlement.
  • Divorce mediation is very child-focusedOf all divorce options, mediation can offer the best outcome for your children. When parents can work together to resolve their issues without taking their divorce to court, it also means they can work together to successfully co-parent their children post-divorce.

Divorce mediation empowers both you and your spouse to create an agreement that meets your unique needs, allowing each of you to work towards your goals and interest while doing the same for your spouse. Mediation  allows you to effectively and efficiently work through the financial and legal issues, such as child custody, parenting time, child support, division of marital assets and property, and allocation of debt and other financial obligations.

Elizabeth Hill, of The Hill Law Firm, P.C., in Overland Park, KS, has been serving clients in Johnson County, Kansas, and Kansas City, Missouri, as well as the Northland counties of Clay and Platte, in matters of family law for over 30 years. As your Mediator, Elizabeth will help you reach a voluntary, confidential agreement that will be best for your whole family. To schedule a consultation or obtain more information about divorce mediation, contact her office by calling 913-381-1500 or online at https://www.hilllawfirm.com/contact/.

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