A Divorce Mediation Attorney Facilitates Resolutions Out Of Court

A divorce mediation attorney is a neutral third party who assists with the process of negotiating marriage dissolution as an alternative to traditional divorce options.  There are significant benefits to divorce mediation, including saving the cost and time involved in going to trial. A resolution will not be reached unless both parties agree, otherwise, the matter will be decided by a judge in a trial proceeding.

Initially, a divorce mediation attorney ascertains the facts of the case and implements a plan to assist the parties in reaching a final, durable settlement of their disputes. The process of begins with the attorney and the parties convening in a neutral location and the specific issues and concerns of all parties are identified. Divorce is often a highly stressful experience, and emotions often interfere with negotiations. A mediator can help alleviate the tensions while guiding communications, teaching the parties effective negotiation techniques, and by providing knowledgeable advice.

Divorce mediation is a better option for everyone concerned when dependent children are involved. The divorce mediation attorney helps find solutions for the essential issues of child custody, support, and parenting time. Financial matters and other important considerations, such as educational provisions, medical coverage, and the division of marital assets, can also be discussed with the divorce mediation attorney contributing his or her knowledge and expertise to help find workable solutions cohesively.

Overland Park Divorce Mediation Attorney

With the guidance of an experienced Overland Park divorce mediation attorney, finalizing your divorce will be relatively straightforward. In most cases, mediation is much simpler than litigation because you and your spouse will work out the details of your divorce together. Your divorce mediation attorney will not influence your final decision but will share legal information about divorce and other related matters. Your divorce attorney mediation cannot give legal advice to either party during the mediation process.   Once you reach agreement on all the issues, the legal part of your divorce a simple, uncontested procedure that doesn’t require a trial or contentious court hearings.

The Hill Law Firm PC divorce mediation attorney resolutionsAt the conclusion, your Overland Park divorce mediation attorney will draft the final agreement and file the documents with the court. Your divorce attorney mediator can also accompany you to a required final review hearing before a judge. Once a judge approves your final agreement, your divorce will be finalized as a non-contested divorce.

At The Hill Law Firm PC in Overland Park, all that is required to make your divorce mediation successful is for both you and your spouse to show up ready and willing to discuss the issues regarding your divorce is an open, honest and transparent way, with respect and thoughtfulness. Even though you may be feeling as if working out your issues is impossible, do not discount working with a divorce attorney mediator as an option. Mediation is a powerful process, and we have seen many cases that seemed impossible at the beginning end up in mutual agreement at the conclusion. As an experienced Overland Park divorce mediation attorney, I am committed to helping couples resolve disputes they may not be able to work out by themselves.

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