Collaborative Divorce: Is It Legally Binding?

Collaborative divorce is a results-focused, out-of-court process used to facilitate disputes between parents over child custody and support, distribution of property, and other related matters. When a couple is committed to resolving their issues in a constructive and respectable atmosphere, a collaborative divorce lawyer can help.

Many people may not be aware that a collaborative divorce is just as legally binding in Kansas and Missouri as any other method of dissolving a marriage, whether it’s traditional litigation, an annulment, or legal separation.

Overland Park and North Kansas City couples who choose the collaborative process can save time and money and avoid long-lasting emotional hardship. Because collaborative divorce is a non-adversarial approach, the parties and their attorneys work to reach an acceptable agreement on each of the relevant issues. Since each party will have their own attorney, they have the assurance that an experienced, competent collaborative divorce attorney  will support each party through the process with a  focus on the best outcome for both parties and the children. 

The role the collaborative divorce attorney plays is significant.  Each collaborative divorce attorney is specially trained in negotiating an agreement without threatening litigation and in a way that affirms the parties’ mutual goals. Each attorney is well versed in the area of family law and the collaborative law process.

collaborative divorce mutual agreementThe collaborative divorce process requires full and complete disclosure of all relevant information by you and your spouse as you strive to reach an agreement that is best for your family. Once a settlement agreement has been reached, it will be reduced to writing and signed by you and your spouse. Both collaborative divorce attorneys will prepare the legally binding agreement and it will be filed with the court as a non-contested divorce.

When it comes to collaborative divorce, whether in Overland Park or North Kansas City, the decisions you make are binding and will affect you and your dependents for a long time. If you are seeking an alternative to going to trial to dissolve your marriage, contact an attorney who specializes in collaborative family law.

When you wish to dissolve your marriage in a mature, responsible way, Elizabeth Hill, collaborative divorce attorney, can help support the creation of a final agreement that will help all parties move forward in a positive manner. She is trained to facilitate child-centered solutions and creative solutions for the distribution of the marital estate.

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