Collaborative Divorce A Better Option For Negotiating Settlement Agreements

Choosing collaborative divorce is a popular alternative to a traditional divorce for many couples. As a more interest-based bargaining approach to dissolving a marriage, it focuses on helping both spouses reach an agreement that is best for everyone concerned. There are many legal issues involved in obtaining a divorce; fortunately, a collaborative divorce attorney knows the complexities of the law and is able to provide helpful advice and guidance to their clients, while encouraging open, respectful dialogue. Parties are often able to reach fair solutions and settle their differences without conflict through a collaborative divorce.

Nobody ever said divorce was easy; in fact, it is typically a very difficult, stressful experience for most people. Divorce – or dissolution of marriage – is a civil action, not unlike any other lawsuit, in that it takes place in an actual courtroom, with lawyers and a judge. It’s a lengthy legal process that comes at a high cost, both financially and emotionally. On a personal level, getting divorced is said to be second only to the death of a loved one in terms of the emotional and psychological impact on a person. Add in an intense public courtroom battle and it can quickly become a highly volatile experience you would do best to avoid. The non-adversarial approach of a collaborative divorce keeps emotional outbursts and aggressive behaviors in check.

In collaborative divorce, each party selects a collaborative divorce attorney for representation.  Both you and your spouse agree to work cooperatively in good faith, and voluntarily provide all pertinent financial information during the collaborative process with the assistance of a financial neutral.  In  a collaborative divorce,  you will avoid a trial, you won’t have to keep track of court dates or attend hearings. Your attorney will be responsible for all document preparations and filing deadlines and will file the final agreement with the court at the completion of your negotiations. Collaborative divorce takes far less time than litigation, and importantly, a more satisfactory agreement can be reached without all the emotional trauma that is common in a traditional divorce. 

Ultimately, your decision for collaborative divorce has more benefits than if you take the traditional route. The atmosphere of collaborative divorce is respectful and much less stressful than traditional litigation. It provides you and your spouse with an agreement that you both designed with the assistance of your collaborative divorce  attorney, and you will not  be forced to live with a judge’s decision. Your best interests, as well as those of your spouse and your family, are assured when you have  taken the time and made a sincere effort at resolving your issues to your mutual benefit and satisfaction.

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Collaborative Divorce A Better Option For Negotiating Settlement Agreements The Hill Law Firm