Divorce Mediation: An Alternative To Contested Divorce

Divorce mediation is often a more affordable and efficient way to resolve marital disputes than a traditional divorce. A divorce mediator is instrumental in helping the parties find a better way to communicate with one another, as well as giving them a better understanding of the legal aspects of divorce. By choosing mediation over a contested divorce, you will avoid going through a court proceeding that is often contentious, always expensive and nobody really wins. When the parties are honest, respectful and willing to negotiate the issues, they have a better chance of reaching an optimal agreement.

Essentially, divorce mediation is conducted by a divorce attorney mediator who provides legal information to you and your spouse. Each of you, in turn, will explain your particular situation, and define your expectations. Based on the information you both provide, the divorce attorney mediator will support you in creating options for creating a mutually acceptable agreement.

During the early stages of divorce mediation, the divorce attorney mediator will share legal information regarding the distribution of your assets and debts, child custody/parenting time and child support, maintenance/alimony/spousal support, taxes and health insurance.  With this information, options for settlement will be generated giving consideration to the family as a whole. For those couples with children, the children are at the forefront of this discussion.  You and your spouse will work together with the divorce attorney mediator to find solutions during the mediation process.

In order for divorce mediation to be successful, it is important that you, your spouse and the mediator are fully informed about the facts of your case. If you have information the other spouse doesn’t have, such as insurance policies, bank records, tax information or legal documents, you should willingly provide it. If neither one of you have the documents, the divorce attorney mediator can help obtain the information in various ways. 

Throughout the divorce mediation process, the divorce attorney mediator will address your individual concerns, priorities, goals, and values to identify the issues that are most important to you. When your interests overlap it increases the likelihood of reaching an agreement that is acceptable to both you and your spouse.  Importantly, on the issues you disagree on, your divorce attorney mediator will help find a workable compromise.

At the conclusion of divorce mediation, when you have reached an agreement, everything is reduced to writing. Once you both have reviewed and signed your written agreement, the divorce attorney mediator will file it with the court as part of an uncontested divorce.  Most importantly, and especially when children are part of the equation, you have the satisfaction of agreeing to a plan that you both can live with going forward.  Keeping your children out of the middle is a wonderful gift to give them. This is an opportunity for you and your spouse to role model good, kind and thoughtful behavior during a challenging time in your life.

Divorce mediation attorney, Elizabeth Hill, is committed to helping her clients find workable solutions that benefit themselves and their children. Divorce mediation can be the best option for resolving marital disputes out of court. It can save you time and money, as well as relieve stress by helping to avoid adversarial interactions. To schedule a consultation or obtain more information about divorce mediation you may contact her office by calling 913-381-1500 or completing the form on the contact page.

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