What Is Collaborative Mediation?

Collaborative mediation may be the best solution for your family depending on how complex your divorce needs are. This type of alternative divorce resolution is for those couples who recognize there are strong emotions related to the breakdown of the marriage, possibly from an affair, substance abuse or mental health-related issues, financial burdens, or the loss of a job. All of these instances require additional support to find the best possible amicable resolution

Collaborative Mediation May Be Your Best Solution For Your Family’s Needs

Through collaborative mediation, the support of a mental health professional, such as a divorce coach, will assist each of you in productive communication, provide resources about child development and the impact divorce has on children, supports both parties emotionally, and also assists with the closure at the end of the marriage.

In collaborative mediation, the mediator will address the legal aspects of the divorce centered around assisting each spouse with a full-disclosure of assets/debts and options for distribution of the marital estate, determining support responsibilities when appropriate, and drafting the necessary paperwork to submit to the court to conclude the divorce.

And in some cases, depending upon the complexity of the marital estate, a financial neutral can be assist with the gathering and assimilation of financial information regarding assets and debts, and will prepare a cash-flow analysis to assist in making the best decisions regarding your future.

The collaborative mediation process is cost-effective, streamlined and comprehensive. This process is an option for couples looking for the emotional and psychological support of a divorce coach, and guidance from the financial neutral without the expense of two separate collaborative attorneys.

I understand that your family ultimately shapes your life like no other relationship, and the health, well-being and success of you and your family is of the utmost importance to me. Going through the divorce process is difficult and emotional, yet, it does not have to be a fight. Through collaborative mediation, I will help support you in making the best possible decisions for your family’s future. 

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Collaborative Mediation May Be Your Best Solution For Your Family's Needs