Collaborative Mediation Assists Divorcing Couples Find Amicable Resolution

Collaborative mediation refers to a form of alternative dispute resolution in a divorce, in which the parties settle their differences out of court. A collaborative mediation consists of a divorce coach, a financial neutral and an attorney mediator, who collectively support the family through the divorce process.

In times past, the divorce process often involved combative couples and their attorneys aggressively going at each other. The general attitude was one of distrust and deceit, along with a “win at any cost” agenda. Fortunately, times have changed, and these days many divorcing couples are finding alternative ways to resolve their issues in a good faith effort of cooperation. One effective option is collaborative divorce mediation.

This collaborative process is cost-effective and is an efficient way for couples looking for the emotional and psychological support of a divorce coach, as well as guidance from a financial neutral, without the expense of two attorneys. Depending on the complexity of the marital estate, a financial neutral may be required to assist with the gathering and assimilation of financial information regarding marital assets and debts and preparing a cash-flow analysis to assist the parties in making informed decisions about the future.  The financial neutral typically has a tax and financial investment background.

 As collaborative mediator, Elizabeth Hill of The Hill Law Firm, P.C.,  will assist the couple in understand the legal issues in their case,  identify and create a working summary of the marital assets and debts, explore options regarding the distribution of the marital estate, and determining each parties financial responsibilities, when appropriate, for spousal and/or child support. All of the necessary paperwork can be drafted and submit it to the court to conclude the divorce.

Elizabeth will assist both parties in facilitating productive communication, in addition to providing resources and information regarding their children.  Her goal is to support both parties emotionally, helping them to find a mutually agreeable resolution and bring closure to the end of their marriage in a way that is respectful and considerate.

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