Collaborative Divorce vs Contested Divorce: Alternative Solutions

Collaborative divorce is often a better solution ending your marriage. Especially, when both parties are interested in active participation in the process. Getting divorced can be difficult for everyone involved, and some divorces are more difficult than others. The most challenging – and the most expensive form of divorce – is litigating in court, which involves multiple court dates, lengthy, complex interrogatories, and months of litigation. Everything takes place in a public courtroom and all important issues must be resolved by a judge.

When there are disputes regarding major issues such as parenting time, division of property, financial and support issues and the like, the collaborative divorce process has distinct advantages over lengthy, expensive, high-conflict trials. Collaborative divorce encourages open, voluntary disclosure between parties of all of their assets and debts and income and expenses. In addition, with the support of a divorce coach, you and your spouse can create a joint parenting plan that is durable and sustainable. The expenses of the children are discussed in determining child support and the sharing of other financial responsibilities for the children.

the hill law firm collaborative divorce alternative solutionsMany couples in Overland Park, KS and North Kansas City are choosing to dissolve their marriage through the collaborative divorce process. The collaborative divorce process is comprised of a team that includes both spouses and their lawyers, a divorce coach and a financial neutral, who all work together to find creative solutions to the relevant and important issues in your case. This is an” all-cards-on-the table approach” to settling the issues authentically and openly, saving everyone time, money and the stress of a confrontational and adversarial divorce. Settlement meetings occur in an informal setting, rather than in a courtroom, and confidentiality and privacy are assured.

In some cases, collaborative divorce may not be appropriate, for instance where there is a history of abuse, or where one party is being taken advantage of or feeling coerced.

Elizabeth Hill is a trained, experienced collaborative divorce attorney who assists in facilitating productive communication, offering legal advice, providing resources and information to reach a mutually agreeable resolution and bring closure in a respectful and considerate way. Our services are provided in Overland Park, KS, and North Kansas City, Missouri.

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