What is Mediation in Divorce?

Mediation in divorce is a divorce option where a neutral mediator facilitates communication between the spouses to reach a settlement outside of court. Elizabeth Hill of  The Hill Law Firm, P.C.  serves as a mediator for couples in Overland Park, Johnson County, Kansas seeking this approach.

This voluntary process using Elizabeth’s proven step-by-step approach ensures all topics are covered so solutions can be reached for the lifetime of the relationship. As an alternative to traditional divorce, mediation is often quicker and less expensive than a traditional divorce but requires investment from both spouses to reach satisfactory outcomes.

Divorce Mediation May Be Right for You If…

·         You and your spouse want to decide the outcome of your case
·         You want to learn the skills necessary for resolving future disagreements
·         You want your goals and interests considered

During mediation sessions, you and your spouse will meet with me in an informal office setting. We will cover the division of assets, allocation of debt or other financial obligations, child custody, parenting time and child support, alimony or spousal support, and any other topic needed to resolve the specific issues of your divorce. This approach avoids the cost of multiple attorneys, court filings, and delays caused by the court system.

There is no correct speed at which these meetings proceed. Sometimes couples can work through their specific needs in only a few sessions, while others need more time. More complex cases with a lot of assets or child custody arrangements may require more meeting time and the support of a divorce coach or financial neutral.  The frequency and number of meetings are self-determined.

To schedule a consultation or obtain more information about your divorce options in the Overland Park and Johnson County, KS area, you may contact the Hill Law Firm, P.C. Office by completing the form on the contact page or by calling 913-381-1500 to learn more.


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