What is Collaborative Mediation?

Collaborative Mediation gives control back to families in regard to their divorce outcomes. By reaching a settlement outside of court, much of the stress and added court costs are removed, and the future relationship of the family is preserved.

Collaborative Mediation is a proven process that gives more power back to the couple to make decisions regarding their finances, child custody, and division of assets. Our open and respectful environment, with the expertise of a financial neutral and divorce coach present, nurtures constructive communication during the sessions.

During our sessions, your attorney mediator will assist you and your spouse, with the support of a mental health professional, such as a divorce coach, in facilitating productive communication. Your divorce coach also provides resources for information about child development and the impact of divorce on children – all while supporting both parties emotionally and assisting the parties with closure at the end of their marriage.

Collaborative Divorce  Attorney AND MEDIATOR,  Elizabeth Hill believes in counseling couples with children in a way that will create positive future family relationships because while the marriage is ending, the parenting relationship will be ongoing. Therefore, reducing conflict between parents will promote the future well-being of the child(ren).

The collaborative mediation process is cost-effective, streamlined, and comprehensive. This process is an option for couples looking for the emotional and psychological support of a divorce coach and guidance from the financial neutral without the expense of two collaborative attorneys.

The collaborative process allows for the development of creative solutions and provides certainty when it comes to meeting your and your family’s needs. As your divorce mediator, Elizabeth will help you and your spouse navigate the issues you will need to address in your divorce as a neutral facilitator.

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