What is Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative Divorce is an alternative, solution-based approach to traditional divorce. Where traditional divorce can quickly become adversarial or costly with two litigation attorneys and court fees, collaborative divorce works by empowering couples to make decisions about their separation together in a safe, transparent, private environment.

In a collaborative divorce, the divorcing parties, with the  support of two collaborative attorneys, a divorce coach and a financial neutral, take the time necessary to address the issues unique to their case and  create a lasting divorce settlement without court intervention. We work to problem solve in a creative way that will benefit both parties, and children if they are involved, by discussing the unique aspects of your case. This is a much less stressful avenue compared to needing to scramble to make work a judgment set forth by the courts.
During the collaborative  law process, each spouse is represented by a collaborative divorce attorney. At the outset of the process, each spouse signs a participation agreement and agrees to openly and honestly share all relevant information necessary to address the financial and legal issues of their case. All negotiations are conducted in six-way meetings with the following parties:

  • You
  • Your collaborative divorce attorney
  • Your Spouse
  • Your Spouse’s collaborative divorce attorney
  • Divorce coach
  • Financial neutral
The goal of each six-way meeting is to create acceptable solutions and resolutions to various aspects of the divorce to include division of assets/debts, parenting plan for children and future financial arrangements. The setting is safe and structured. Transparency and integrity are key components to the process. Professionalism by all team members is paramount.
Experience that Counts
For nearly 30 years The Hill Law Firm, P.C. practice has served Overland Park, in Johnson County Kansas, focusing exclusively on family law.  Elizabeth Hill, is proud to be an collaborative attorney and mediator helping parties become empowered decision-makers.
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