Mediation Allows You and Your Spouse to Participate in the Divorce Process

Mediation is an alternative divorce dispute method that allows the parties to resolve their disagreements with the assistance of a neutral mediator.  Elizabeth Hill of The Hill Law Firm, P.C.  is experienced in family law and will mediate with couples seeking mediation in Overland Park, Johnson County, Kansas.

Elizabeth assists both parties in addressing their goals and interests before creating a divorce settlement agreement. If you want to resolve your disputes without the unnecessary stress and risk of the courtroom, reach out today.

Benefits of Divorce Mediation:

Allows you and your spouse to actively participate in the divorce process.

Both spouses are encouraged to share information in a forthcoming manner, being open and honest, which allows the proceedings to move forward unhindered. When we have all the information on the table, we can create solutions based on our complete knowledge. Compared to divorce litigation, divorce mediation emphasizes creating lasting results for the termination of your marriage and has a win-win approach.

Allows you and your spouse to set the pace and frequency of sessions.

Divorce mediation is flexible. You can set the dates and proceed at a pace that works well for the whole family rather than being forced into the court’s timetable. Without litigation taking place in a courtroom, all of your conversations remain private, and many couples appreciate this confidential aspect of the process.

Allows you and your spouse to determine the divorce outcome arrangements.

If you and your spouse have children, the collaborative approach offers the greatest benefit to the children. When parents use this collaborative approach to agree on co-parenting responsibilities, children are more confident about their future instead of seeing parents pitted against each other in a traditional litigated divorce.

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