Is Divorce Mediation Right For You?

Divorce Mediation is the use of a neutral third party to facilitate communications between you and your spouse so an agreed-upon settlement can be reached outside of court. While Kansas Divorce rates are among the lowest in the country, couples do need divorce options and divorce mediation may be right for your family.

Elizabeth Hill approaches your unique situation using a structured step-by-step approach. Our collaborative process helps clients in the Overland Park and Kansas City areas every day by employing creative problem-solving and utilizing safe spaces and confidentiality to reach the best outcomes.

Divorce Mediation May Be Right for You If…

·         You and your spouse want to decide the resolutions to your case
·         You want to learn the skills necessary for resolving future disagreements
·         You want  your specific issues and interests considered

Your specific resolution to your divorce will be determined in meetings between both spouses and our divorce attorney mediator. Your case is not sitting before a judge, therefore time restrictions, lack of evidence or dramatic flair will not prevent your needs from being heard. There is no correct speed at which these meetings proceed. Sometimes couples can work through their specific needs in only a few meetings while others need more time. More complex cases, either with a great deal of assets involved or child custody arrangements may require more meeting time.  The frequency and number of meetings are self-determined.

Divorce Mediation is a popular choice among couples that have children to consider because while their marriage relationship will be ending, their parenting relationship will extend on for many more years. There will be many decisions in the future both parents need to weigh in on, and having problem-solving and active listening skills for those times will pay off during this investment time of mediation.

While mediation does not guarantee instant results, the amount of communication that typically occurs during divorce mediation sessions means that options never before considered can be generated. One beautiful thing about mediation is that instead of a rushed negotiation settlement that may be unsatisfactory to both sides, mediation can offer the couple opportunity to maximize satisfaction and lasting resolutions.

To schedule a consultation or obtain more information about your divorce options in the Kansas City area such as mediation, collaborative mediation or collaborative divorce you may contact the Hill Law Firm Office by completing the form on the contact page or by calling   913-381-1500 to schedule a non-cost 30-minute zoom call to learn more about your divorce options.



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