Is Collaborative Divorce Right For You? Questions to Ask Yourself

Collaborative Divorce may be right for you and your family. Let’s consider some questions to ask yourself:

1.    Are you and your spouse willing to work through the terms of your divorce together?

Collaborative Divorce is the process in which both spouses work together with a team of professionals to establish the terms of their divorce settlement, completely outside of the court system. By supporting you and your spouse in a collaborative space, you and your spouse work in a more cooperative, and less adversarial manner and can often achieve a resolution faster and for less expense.

A collaborative divorce is completely different from a traditional divorce. Here, the each spouse, with the support of two collaborative attorneys, a divorce coach and a financial neutral,   take the time necessary to address the issues unique to their case and create a lasting divorce settlement without court intervention.

If you and your  spouse are willing to invest the time to address the needs specific to your family, a collaborative divorce  option should be considered.

2.    Do you and your spouse want to have an active role in deciding the outcome of your marital issues?

Instead of discussing your personal history and family issues in a court and letting a judge decide your arrangements, you and your spouse can work together with two collaborative attorneys to make sure that a resolution is tailored specific to your family, including: division of marital assets and property, allocation of debt, parenting time, child support and alimony or spousal support.

3.    Do you have any children still living at home?

Making important decisions for your family’s future can take time to sort out and should not be rushed in order to save money. By minimizing the stress and conflict that is typically felt in a traditional divorce, collaborative divorce allows for couples to remain focused on the relationships that will endure after the divorce. Even after your marriage has ended, you will still share a parenting relationship with your former spouse. By openly addressing your needs in  a peaceful environment, we can create a mutually agreeable resolution for division of assets, create a parenting plan for children and make financial arrangements.



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