How is a Collaborative Divorce Completely Different from a Traditional Divorce?

In a Collaborative Divorce, couples work together throughout the divorce process, agreeing not to go to court, but instead reach mutual agreements through understanding and negotiation. The Hill Law Firm P.C.’s 30-year foundation practicing family law and can help you navigate your divorce options in Overland Park and Johnson County, KS.

Before beginning, an  agreement is reached that each spouse will openly disclose needed information and will participate in the six-way meetings to reach a mutual divorce outcome. Participating in the six-way meetings are both spouses, two separate collaborative divorce attorneys, a financial advisor and mental health coach. 

Instead of decisions being made for you inside of a courtroom, each spouse is equipped with their own collaborative divorce attorney at their side to advocate for their needs, desires and preferences during the divorce process. Having their needs communicated in this open and nurturing environment allows for much more creative and long-lasting resolutions to be made.
Threats, subpoenas, court orders and the like never enter the equation during a collaborative divorce, but are often found in traditional divorce. Especially when children are involved, collaborative divorce is an excellent option. With an overall goal of cooperation, the couple can maintain their parenting relationship long after their marital one is over.

Not only does  Elizabeth Hill  pour into her clients, but she also gives back to her community. As a horse lover her whole life, Elizabeth served on the Board and volunteered for many years at  Changing Leads Equine Rescue, a not-for-profit corporation established to rescue abused and neglected horses and pair them with people for interactive healing. She was  the Co-Founder of Mending Reins, a 501c3 establishment to provide equine assisted and facilitated therapy for veterans, first responder and others who have suffered a life trauma.

For over three decades, The Hill Law Firm, P.C. practice has served Overland Park, in Johnson County Kansas, focusing exclusively on family law. Elizabeth Hill, is proud to be an attorney helping families to become empowered decision makers through the collaborative process Overland Park. To schedule a consultation or to obtain more information about the collaborative process in Overland Park, contact our office by completing the form on the contact page, or by calling (913) 381-1500.