How Collaborative Divorce Works & Why It Might Be Right For You

Collaborative divorce can make challenging times better for families when a marriage ends. As a collaborative divorce attorney, I know that collaborative divorce works and why it might be right for you. Divorce can put an end to family hopes and dreams, in addition to emotional stress,  costly litigation, and long, drawn-out court proceedings.
Arguments over who is right and who is wrong, how to distribute marital property, who is responsible for debts and custody of children are just some of the complicated issues that come with divorce. However, fighting and orders from the court do not have to be a part of your divorce story. There is a way to end a marriage  peacefully, while preserving relationships and creating lasting solutions for your family.  
Collaborative divorce works by conducting  six-way meetings in a safe and structured environment that helps lower stress and encourage open communication. Spouses, along with their collaborative attorneys,  divorce coach, and financial neutral work together as a team to streamline the divorce process and create an outcome that support the entire family.  
A divorce coach helps to facilitate transparent communication and guides couples in seeing each other’s needs while also considering their own. A financial neutral gathers all pertinent financial information and creates a financial snapshot to help streamline the process and save money overall.
In collaborative divorce, both parties create a parenting plan that fits their family’s unique needs, while working on building a solid co-parenting relationship their children can trust. This method gives you both more control over your life prior to the divorce and after a settlement is reached.
For nearly 30 years I have served couples in Johnson County, KS including Overland Park in guiding them through the collaborative divorce process and have seen the hard work it takes to  shape their family’s future in a peaceful manner. Contact me today, Elizabeth Hill, to schedule a consultation, or feel free to call me at (913) 381-1500 with any questions you have regarding your divorce case.
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