Divorce Mediation is More Cost-Effective than Traditional Divorce

Divorce mediation, a less stressful and more cost-effective alternative to traditional divorce, can bring relief to couples. It involves enlisting a neutral third party to facilitate discussions between you and your spouse, aiming to reach an agreed-upon settlement outside the courtroom. Despite Kansas boasting some of the lowest divorce rates in the nation, couples still require options, and divorce mediation could be a fitting choice for your family, offering a path to a more peaceful and affordable separation.

Elizabeth Hill uses a structured approach tailored to your specific circumstances. Our collaborative process, serving clients in Overland Park, KS, and Johnson County, relies on creative problem-solving, safe environments, and confidentiality to achieve optimal outcomes.

Divorce Mediation Might Suit You If…

  • You and your spouse wish to determine resolutions together.
  • You seek to acquire skills for resolving future disputes.
  • You desire consideration of your unique issues and interests.

The specifics of your divorce resolution unfold in meetings with both spouses and our divorce attorney mediator. Since your case isn’t bound by courtroom constraints, such as time limitations or the cost of attorney court fees, your needs can be addressed without hindrance. The pace of these meetings is flexible, with some couples resolving matters quickly, while others require more time, particularly in complex cases involving significant assets or child custody arrangements. The frequency and duration of meetings are determined by the parties involved.

Divorce Mediation is particularly favored by couples with children, as it recognizes that while the marital relationship concludes, parenting responsibilities endure for years. This process equips parents with problem-solving and active listening skills crucial for future decisions, fostering a constructive co-parenting dynamic.

Although mediation doesn’t promise immediate outcomes, the extensive communication it fosters often leads to the discovery of previously unexplored options. Unlike rushed negotiations that may leave both parties dissatisfied, mediation offers the opportunity for maximum satisfaction and enduring resolutions.

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