Divorce Lawyer: Avoid The Drama With Collaborative Divorce

As a divorce lawyer, I understand that ending a relationship can be painful, but it doesn’t have to be ugly when you go through the collaborative divorce  process.  Restructuring your family doesn’t need to be a fight, and can be accomplished with thoughtfulness and respect. You can avoid the divorce drama!
Proceeding through the divorce process as amicably and efficiently as possible can happen through collaborative divorce. As a divorce lawyer experienced in this type of alternative dispute resolution, we’ll focus on each spouse working together to create the best possible resolutions for their family’s future.

A Divorce Lawyer Knows Collaborative Divorce Is Drama-Free.

Each spouse hires their own divorce lawyer to act as an advocate for their client, but will not enter into the adversarial process. In  the collaborative divorce process, you are an active participant in your own divorce and the decision-making power stays within your grasp instead of ceding that power to a judge. You know your family better than anyone else and what works best for you. Why give those important decisions to someone else to make for you?
A divorce coach will support and  guide you towards  solutions for parenting time that serves the best interests of your children and  help you to work on effective communication skills. The  divorce coach is a mental health professional,  but will not provide therapy or counseling services. If you feel that you need a therapist or counselor at some point in the process, the divorce coach can refer you to mental health professional. A financial planner who acts as a financial neutral, will collect and gather all the pertinent financial information, which saves you money and time. You and your spouse will work together to create a mutual net worth statement and cashflow analysis for each of you.  Having all this information in necessary for a meaningful discussion about the distribution of your marital estate.
As a divorce lawyer, my goal for these meetings is to create acceptable solutions and resolution to various aspects of the divorce to include division of assets/debts, parenting plans for children and future financial arrangements. Collaborative divorce settings are safe and structured, with transparency, integrity and cooperation being key components to the process.
For nearly 30 years, The Hill Law Firm, P.C. practice has served Johnson County and Overland Park, KS couples as a mediator and a collaborative divorce attorney.  Divorce is hard no matter what method you choose, but it does not have to be a fight when going through the collaborative divorce process. If you are in Johnson County or the Overland Park, KS and are in need of a divorce lawyer, contact me, Elizabeth Hill,  to schedule your consultation today, or feel free to call me at (913) 381-1500 with any questions regarding collaborative divorce.
A Divorce Lawyer Knows Collaborative Divorce Is Drama-Free.