Divorce Attorney: Lasting Settlements Without Court Intervention

Collaborative divorce attorney, Elizabeth Hill, helps couples create a lasting divorce settlement without court intervention. Divorce is often accompanied by disappointment, sadness, and conflict. But there is a way couples can proceed as amicably as and efficiently as possible, and that is through collaborative divorce.

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A Divorce Attorney Experienced In Collaborative Divorce Offers No Court Intervention

As a divorce attorney experienced in collaborative divorce, I have seen the good that comes from couples working together to create the best possible solutions for their family’s future. Alternative dispute resolution methods such as collaborative divorce, encourages cooperation between divorcing spouses by allowing them to be an active participant in the process.

As your collaborative divorce attorney, my role is to improve the decision-making process and to assist you and your spouse in reaching an agreement that you can accept and embrace as your own. I am committed to guiding couples through their legal and financial issues of their divorce constructively by using the collaborative divorce process.

In collaborative divorce, you and your spouse retain the decision-making power, instead of ceding it to a judge through a contested trial. No one really wants to go through a contested divorce, and if you and your spouses are willing to work together, the collaborative divorce model might be your best option.

I’ve worked with couples going through collaborative divorce as a collaborative divorce attorney and know it is a non-adversarial approach that empowers you both to come together, without the Court’s involvement, to establish workable outcomes for the specific needs of your family. Just like no two families are alike, neither are the solutions to your divorce needs. You’ll be able to work together in order to find common ground and solutions in the best interest of your unique family.

As a divorce attorney, I have worked with many couples facing family law challenges over the past 30 years. Kindness and compassion are key elements for making the collaborative method work for you. If you are in Johnson County, KS including Overland Park, KS and believe a collaborative divorce attorney is the best option for you, contact me today to schedule a consultation. Or feel free to call me at The Hill Law Firm, P.C.(913) 381-1500, with any questions you have regarding your divorce options.  

Divorce Attorney #OQMZwNd3ThU (Unsplash) The Hill Law Firm