Divorce Attorney: Is Divorce Mediation Successful?

As a divorce attorney mediator,  I get asked the question, “Is divorce mediation successful?” often, and I can tell you that when both parties are  willing to cooperate and work together to find the best resolutions for themselves and their families, divorce mediation can be successful. Divorce mediation is a relationship-oriented, flexible, and confidential divorce option that allows you and your spouse to participate in the divorce process, determine the pace and frequency of mediation sessions and the outcome.

A divorce attorney knows that divorce mediation can be successful

Divorce mediation allows for creative solutions and provides certainty and finality while meeting the particular needs of your family. Divorce is not easy, no matter your life circumstances, but by working together there can be a peaceful resolution to the end of a marriage. As a divorce attorney mediator,  I can tell you that divorce mediation has  several advantages such as more control over the negotiation process, as well as being more responsive and accommodating to the uniqueness of your family in allowing you to time to be creative in making future decisions. It is quite cost effective with no lengthy court battles.

Selecting mediation is especially important if children are involved. Divorce mediation allows you the time to work together to create the best solutions for your family including child custody, parenting time, child support, and many other important aspects of a parenting plan. Being able to work together only strengthens the parental relationships that will continue long after the marriage has ended.

You need an experienced divorce attorney,  who specializes in divorce mediation to help you and your spouse reach an agreement that you can accept and embrace as your own. The divorce mediation process is voluntary and confidential, meaning there are face-to-face meetings in which you must effectively communicate and work together to create different options for resolution that are tailored to your family’s needs. This includes decisions on division of marital assets and property, allocation of debt and other financial obligations, parenting time, child support and alimony or spousal support.

There is nothing easy about going through a divorce for either you, your spouse, or your children. However, divorce mediation can be less overwhelming for everyone involved, and is often less expensive than a traditional divorce. My goal as a divorce attorney is to understand both you and your spouse, to help you understand each other, and your goals and interests for yourselves as individuals and for your family.

For nearly 30 years,  I have practiced as a divorce attorney in Overland Park, Johnson County, KS, focused exclusively on family law.  The Hill Law Firm, P.C.  is proud to offer family law mediation to support and  guide couples to become empowered decision-makers. If you feel that divorce mediation is the best solution for you and your family,  contact me,  Elizabeth Hill,  schedule a consultation, or feel free to call (913) 381-1500 with any questions you have regarding your divorce.

A divorce attorney knows that divorce mediation can be successful