Divorce Attorney In Johnson County: How Divorce Mediation Can Work For You!

As a divorce attorney in Johnson County, I know that divorce mediation can work for you! Divorce mediation is a  process of dissolving a marriages with the assistance of a neutral third-party divorce attorney mediator. Couples are able to resolve issues and negotiate settlement agreements that work for both parties.
Divorce Attorney In Johnson County

A Divorce Attorney In Johnson County Understands How Divorce Mediation Can Work For You

For over  30 years, I have seen  successful advantages that occur in divorce mediations while including maintaining control over the divorce process. During a divorce mediation, you and your spouse are able to set the pace of meetings and negotiations in order to work together to create the best possible solutions for your family’s unique needs.
As a divorce attorney mediator  in Johnson County, I understand that your family shapes your life like no other relationship. The health, wellbeing and success of you and your family is important and divorce mediation is a great place to begin the divorce transition. Divorce mediation is especially well-suited to couples with children involved. It is a more  child-centered, peaceful divorce option that allows you the time and space to learn how to co-parent with the support and guidance of a divorce coach.
Working with a divorce attorney mediator in Johnson County who has specific knowledge of divorce laws, and the expertise to facilitate discussions and make suggestions helps ensure cohesive collaboration between spouses. Mediation helps a couple avoid making decisions based on their emotions and feelings of anger or resentment. Instead, a couple is able to communicate thoughtfully and respectfully while negotiating property division, finances, child custody and a parenting plan.
When a divorce attorney in Johnson County acts as your mediator, he or she  will help guide you in communicating effectively in a peaceful and calm manner, and learn how to resolve disputes amicably. This is more likely to result in satisfactory, longer-lasting agreements regarding child custody, parenting time, support and other related issues.
Going through a divorce can be a stressful and difficult time as couples have to learn how to communicate their needs, and if children are involved, learn how to co-parent in ways their children find successful and establish trust in future child/parent relationships. As a divorce attorney mediator in Johnson County, I know that compassion is critical when guiding couples through one of the hardest times in their lives.
If you are in Johnson County, KS including Overland Park, KS and believe divorce mediation is the best next step for you, contact me, Elizabeth Hill, to schedule a consultation, or feel free to call me at (913) 381-1500  to schedule in person or meeting by Zoom to explore your divorce options, including divorce mediation.  
Divorce Attorney In Johnson County