Collaborative Mediation vs. Collaborative Divorce — What are the Differences?

Collaborative Mediation and Collaborative Divorce both offer benefits for divorcing couples, but for those who may already agree on separation logistics, collaborative mediation is often a better choice. 

In Collaborative Mediation,  an attorney mediator works with the couple, and additional support professionals are brought in, if needed. Whereas,  in Collaborative Divorce, each spouse retains their own attorney, and a divorce coach and financial neutral are also present during the settlement discussions. In both collaborative options, the  parties have agreed  that litigation is off the table and they will work transparently and respectfully towards an acceptable resolution.

For collaborative mediation, the mediator will address the legal aspects of the divorce, centered around assisting each spouse with a full-disclosure of assets/debts and options for distribution of the marital estate, determining support responsibilities, when appropriate, and drafting the necessary paperwork to submit to the court to conclude the divorce.  At any time during the mediation process, each party can consult with legal counsel with any legal questions about the settlement terms.  

Elizabeth Hill, is well-versed in assisting families through  the divorce process. She is an advocate for the collaborative process and believes it upholds family integrity, especially when children are involved, better  than traditional divorce. 

The collaborative mediation process is cost-effective, streamlined and comprehensive. This process is an option for couples looking for the emotional and psychological support of a divorce coach, and guidance from the financial neutral without the expense of two separate collaborative attorneys (in collaborative divorce).

Choosing the Collaborative Process

Before making a decision about how you will divorce, we recommend talking with our experienced collaborative divorce attorney and mediator,  Elizabeth Hill. She will listen to you, review your goals, your assets, review your unique family needs and will counsel you on the best course of action. 

If you are in Johnson County or Overland Park, KS and believe collaborative mediation is the right solution for you, please contact  The Hill Law Firm, P.C. today to  schedule a consultation, or feel free to call at  (913) 381-1500 with any of your questions regarding the collaborative process.