Collaborative Divorce Provides A Safe & Structured Setting

Collaborative Divorce Provides A Safe & Structured Setting
Collaborative divorce provides a safe and structured setting in order for couples to create acceptable solutions and a resolution for their legal divorce needs. Parties can avoid battling experts and public feuding by working together to obtain information needed to make informed decisions.
For nearly  30 years I have served couples going through divorce in Overland Park, KS.  Privacy is important when dealing with the end of a marriage, and couples have an easier time working through their personal and familial needs with the privacy that collaborative divorce offers.  No pleadings are filed with the court until you and your spouse have reach an agreement on all the issues related to your divorce, so your decision to divorce remains private and out of the pubic eye.
Collaborative divorce occurs in  six-way meetings.  The goal  of each meeting is create acceptable solutions and resolution to various aspects of divorce including the division of assets/debts, parenting plan for children, and future financial arrangements. The setting is safe and structured. Transparency and integrity are key components to the process.
Each six-way meeting includes you, your collaborative attorney, your spouse, your spouse’s collaborative attorney, a divorce coach and a financial neutral.  The divorce coach facilitates meetings and guides spouses into effective  communication in order to understand each other’s goals and interest. The  financial neutral gathers all pertinent financial information to streamline the process by creating a comprehensive set of financial documents for everyone to work them during the financial discussions.
Traditional divorce is often messy, highly contentious, and a public affair through the court system. If children are involved, collaborative divorce can help parents figure out the best plan for their family moving forward, without giving up control to a judge to decide the outcome. Collaborative divorce offers a safe and structured setting for parents to work on their co-parenting relationship while making the best decisions possible for their children.
If you are in Overland Park, KS and believe collaborative divorce is the best next step for you,  contact me,  Elizabeth Hill, today to  schedule a consultation, or feel free to call me at  (913) 381-1500 with any questions you have regarding your case.  
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