Collaborative Divorce Pros and Cons In Johnson County KS

Collaborative divorce is an alternative to traditional litigation for dispute resolution in a marital breakup. In the context of divorce options, this method involves both parties and their respective collaborative lawyers agreeing to work on resolving their issues without going to court. By seeking a collaborative divorce, you may be able to reach a more amicable and financially friendly agreement, while minimizing the emotional drain of going through a divorce.

This is often a more successful process than a traditional divorce in that you are both more likely to adhere to the resolutions you reached yourselves going forward, rather than those imposed by the court. However, even though there are numerous benefits, collaborative divorce doesn’t work for everybody. Here are some of the pros and cons of collaborative divorce that may help you in making your decision.

As a voluntary, out-of-court dispute resolution process, collaborative divorce enables couples to work together to resolve their issues. Also, since it takes place in a conference room rather than a courtroom, it protects your privacy.

Collaborative divorce is much less hostile than traditional divorce litigation, although that doesn’t mean you and your spouse won’t disagree, or that your negotiations will always be simple. It does, however, help to ensure the likelihood of a more civilized, reasonably productive process.

The objectives of the collaborative process are to redirect the focus of meetings on creating a settlement that meets the needs of both parties and those of their children. Importantly, it respects both parties’ concerns, rather than one more than the other. This is accomplished through a team of specially trained legal professionals, usually consisting of each party’s respective collaborative divorce attorney, a neutral financial professional and a divorce coach


There is a clear advantage to collaborative divorce for working out how your assets will be divided and how your lives will be affected going forward. The process enables you to control the outcome through measured negotiations with the guidance of the team of professionals.

If your case does not resolve through the collaborative process, then you will be forced to litigate the case in court with new attorneys. If this happens, the costs of the collaborative process may end up being nominal, but you’ll have the typical expenses of a litigated procedure.

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