Collaborative Divorce Offers a Peaceful Alternative to Traditional Divorce

Have you ever heard of Collaborative Divorce? I hadn’t either before a few years ago. After nearly 20 years litigating high-conflict family law cases and difficult child custody disputes, I learned that divorce options –such as  mediation, collaborative  mediation and collaborative divorce, are a  better way to help families resolve family law matters.
My name is Elizabeth Hill and I am  a collaborative divorce attorney and mediator  at  The Hill Law Firm, P.C. My team is here to offer you a peaceful alternative to traditional divorce in Johnson County and Overland Park, KS. 
A  collaborative divorce is completely different from a traditional divorce. In a collaborative divorce, the parties, with the support of two collaborative attorneys, a divorce coach and a financial neutral, take the time necessary to address the issues unique to their case and  create a lasting divorce  settlement without court intervention .
At The Hill Law Firm, P.C., , we believe that two individuals can mutually separate in a supported environment with the correct tools and expertise. Working with your own collaborative divorce attorney, you and your spouse will also meet with a divorce coach and a financial neutral to discuss your concerns, goals and will work creatively until an outcome is reached. We do not involve the court system, issue subpoenas or make mandates of either party. Both parties do agree to openly disclose all information needed to finalize the divorce, including financial documents.  We will discuss division of assets/debts, parenting plan for children and future financial arrangements

A Peaceful Divorce Alternative Near You

If you are in Johnson County, Kansas including Overland Park, Kansas and are looking for a divorce attorney, or would like to learn more about collaborative divorce, I invite you to contact me, Elizabeth Hill, to schedule a consultation at The Hill Law Firm, P.C. I believe that empathy and compassion are the best tools a divorce lawyer can give their clients. Feel free to call me at (913) 381-1500 or contact us here with any questions you have regarding your case.