Collaborative Divorce In Overland Park: How Long Does It Take?

Collaborative divorce in Overland Park can last anywhere from three to six months on average versus a traditional divorce, which can take eight to fourteen months or more.  Each divorce is just as unique as the marriage it stemmed from, and will depend on how long it takes to settle all issues, file the divorce, and then procure a final proceedings court date.  Because the collaborative divorce model is streamlined and efficient, the time it will take to complete your divorce can be much sooner than a traditional divorce.

Collaborative Divorce In Overland Park Is Streamlined And Efficient

There can be a lot of moving parts in a collaborative divorce.  Each spouse retains his or her own collaborative divorce attorney.  In additional, there is a financial neutral who assists in compiling a cashflow analysis for each spouse.  There as also a divorce coach/child specialist, who offers strategies for effective communication during the collaborative process and assists with creating the parenting plan for minor children.  In the collaborative divorce model, the coupe will meet two or three times with the divorce coach to create the parenting plan and with the financial neutral to compile financial information and cashflow analysis.  Once this work is completed, the professional team to include each collaborative attorney, divorce coach and financial neutral will meet with both parties to finalize the parenting plan, discuss the distribution of the marital estate and address any issues of support.

Professional team meetings are scheduled for two hours in length.  The number of professional team meetings depends on how quickly divorce issues are resolved through cooperation and compromise.

Sometimes a collaborative divorce can take longer than three to six months to complete.  Factors that will impact the paces of a collaborative divorce:

– if each party involved needs additional time with the financial neutral to understand the cashflow analysis or the assets of the marital estate.

– if an asset, such as real estate property, must be sold prior to further financial decisions or appraised to determine current value.

– if a business or pension must be evaluated, or a debt payment plan must be established by a creditor before any property division can happen.

– if either party travels for work or has to arrange meetings spaced further apart due to work schedule

– if emotional aspects need additional time to be resolved before one or both parties communicate effectively about goals and interests. 

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Collaborative Divorce In Overland Park Is Streamlined And Efficient