Collaborative Divorce Frequently Asked Questions

Collaborative Divorce Has Many Frequently Asked Questions

Collaborative divorce can often seem confusing; however, I am happy to answer some of the most frequently asked questions I receive about this process. Divorce is difficult no matter what option you choose, but I have seen the good that can come from this process as families work together to address their individual needs and future goals.
1.     Does Collaborative Divorce Really Work? Yes, this divorce method does work when couples choose to work together to create the best solutions for their family’s unique needs. Since this process is so different from other divorce processes, spouses are able to find common ground and make solid decisions that are  best for every member of their family.
2.     How Is Collaborative Divorce Different Than Traditional Divorce? In a traditional divorce, spouses are actively placing themselves in a better position in front of a judge who decides the divorce outcomes, and can lead to bitterness, hostility, and fighting.  In the collaborative process, each spouse and their collaborative attorney enter into a participation agreement that states they must agree to openly and honestly share all relevant information necessary to address the financial and legal issues of their case.   Collaborative divorce is thoughtful and respectful.
3.     How Does Collaborative Divorce Work? In this method, the spouses, with the support of two collaborative attorneys, a divorce coach and a financial neutral, take the time necessary to address the issues unique to their case and create a lasting divorce settlement without court intervention. Various aspects of the divorce such as division of assets/debts, a parenting plan for children and future financial arrangements are settled in a safe, structured space with transparency and integrity as key components to the process.
4.     How Does Collaborative Divorce Focus On my Family and Children? Through this process, parents are able to work together to decide what is best for their family’s unique needs, including how to parent their children going forward. This process gives children the ability to see their parents working together without the stress of fighting weighing on them.
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Collaborative Divorce Has Many Frequently Asked Questions