Collaborative Divorce Advantages in 2023

Collaborative Divorce is a new concept for couples researching their divorce options. Read a full explanation of the process from Elizabeth Hill. 

A  collaborative divorce is  completely different from a traditional divorce. In this case, the parties, with the support of two collaborative attorneys, a divorce coach and a financial neutral, take the time necessary to address the issues unique to their case and  create a lasting divorce settlement without court intervention.

In 2023, couples choosing the collaborative process will benefit from many advantages of collaborative divorce:

·        Customized to every couple – There are no cookie cutters here! A divorce coach will help to facilitate transparent communication and guides couples in seeing each other’s needs while also considering their own. A financial neutral will gather all pertinent financial information and creates a financial snapshot to help streamline the process and save money overall.
·        Conscientious of cost – Collaborative divorce works by conducting   six-way meetings in a safe and structured environment that helps lower stress and encourage open communication. Spouses, along with their collaborative attorneys,  divorce coach, and financial neutral work together as a team to streamline the divorce process and create an outcome that support the entire family.   Efficient meetings and no court time lowers the fee for most families.
·        No litigation – Because both parties have agreed that they will work through their issues outside the courtroom, the threat of going to court is never an issue. 

·        Convenient scheduling – Because you are meeting when all parties are available to work together, not on the court system’s schedule, the process is less stressful. Consideration for your own schedule is always at our forefront, unlike depositions and court hearings which are set without consultation.

With collaborative divorce, couples commit to a process that will end in a settlement that is mutual to both parties and also keeps them out of court. This settlement process focuses on helping families find their way to a resolution through transparency, respect and creating positive outcomes. 

A Collaborative Divorce Attorney Near You

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