A Divorce Attorney in Johnson County Who Specializes in Mediation

Johnson County Divorce Attorney, Elizabeth Hill practice emphasis is mediation where she offers her clients a less adversarial method for ending their marriage. 
If you are looking to reduce conflict and have a more cost-effective divorce solution, consider mediation with a divorce attorney/mediator. Mediation allows you and your spouse to maintain control over the outcome of your divorce settlement. Rather than leaving the important decisions up to the court, you and your spouse work together to create solutions that are acceptable to both of you.

Selecting mediation is especially important if  children are involved Mediation allows you and your spouse to effectively and efficiently work through the financial and legal issues, such as child custody, parenting time, child support, and the many other important issues that are part of a written parenting plan, without destroying the parental relationships that will continue long after the marriage has ended.

As your Mediator and experienced divorce attorney,  Elizabeth Hill, will help you and your spouse reach an agreement that you can accept and embrace as your own. The mediation process is  voluntary and confidential.
Just as any meeting with your lawyer, mediation proceedings are confidential and allow you and your spouse to work through issues without public scrutiny.  Knowing that the collaborative process of mediation encourages a problem-solving approach may reduce stress and the emotional strain that divorce can place on a family.

Elizabeth knows that couples and families are looking to move forward with their lives in the smoothest way possible. Mediation can be  less overwhelming and less expensive than a traditional divorce with a traditional litigation divorce attorney. Her goal as your mediator is to understand both of you and help you understand each other and your goals and interest for yourself and your children so that you may achieve a mutually acceptable divorce resolution.

To schedule a consultation or obtain more information about your divorce options in Overland Park, KS or Johnson County KS such as, mediation, collaborative mediation or collaborative divorce, you may contact her office by completing the form on the contact page or by calling 913-381-1500.